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Was Ancient Sumer a Civilization?

Using your textbook (Chapter 5) and your Reading Notes, list each of the seven characteristics of civilization. Next to each one, tell me one artifact that archaeologists have found that prove Sumer was a civilization and why you chose that artifact. All parts of this prompt must be completed to receive full credit! I look forward to reading what you’ve learned.

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  1.   kenia vicente Says:

    The seven characteristics are stable food supply,social structure,government,religious,art,technology,and writing.A archaeologist would find a statue that is a couple for religion.The reason I chose religion is because they expressed their beliefs.

  2.   Mariela Per. # 1 Says:

    There are seven characteristics of civilization. One of them is called a stable food supply. One artifact that relates to this characteristics of civilization is called a clay tablet because it is made out of grain which the families researved it with the food.
    The second one is called a religion. An item that relates to that is a small statue because this small statue is part if their religion.
    Another is the arts because it relates because it says something about being a musical instrument and ofcoures music is art.
    The fourth one is a social structure. An item that relates to this characteristics of civilization is a gold cup because soldiers and classes of something which relate to social structure are written there.
    The fifth one is called government. Something that relates to that is the small copper statue because it says something about the governor and it also says something about ruling the country of the king.
    The second last one is called technolpgy. Something that relates to that is called the copper statue because the copper statue is something about technology.
    The last one is called writing. An artifact that relates to that is called the gold cup because the gold cup has some special writing written on it.
    Those are the seven characteristics of civilization which they all have an artifact for.

  3.   salvador Says:

    Social structure- The gold cup is created by Sumerian artifacts.
    Technology-I know that the art that they did is for technology because it records time.
    Writing-Because of the gods and the scorpions that probably means a a story that they made.
    Government-We know that the picture goes with the government because of the Sumerian solders.The government probably told them to take four donkeys.
    Religion-We know that the picture goes with religion because they are married and it was a gift from god.
    The arts-It represents the arts because of the music and because of the paintings on the instrument.
    Stable food supplies-The clay is a characteristic clay that everyone and workers get.

    I picked the arts because the Sumerian’s made art with there hands just like writing.

  4.   Erika Says:

    I chose neaolithic times because there the ones who invented homes so we wouldnt be living in caves no longer. Therfore I chosed neolithic times.

  5.   Elizabeth p.6 Says:

    The seven charecteristics of a civilization are:governent/
    stable food supply/social structure/the arts/writting/
    technology/religion.An artifact of my pick for religion would most likely be a stone seal, like the one in the book, that had gods drawn on it.I would pick it because of the fact that it
    had something to do with their religion.Also, for writting I would pick the clay sculpture of the king because it had small
    scribbles that recorded something.I would pick the plow for
    stable food supply because it shos that they farmed.For goverment I would choose the bronze sculpture of the king again because of the fact that it shows how he ,too, had a job to do.For technology I would do the charriot because it explains how they invented the wheels.Also for the arts I would do the lyre because it shos how they reallly appreciated music.And last but not least, for social structure I would do the clay art scene were you can tell how the king organizes everything.

  6.   michael j p1 Says:


    Archeologists haven’t really found an artifact on this but they know that they had a stable food supply because of what they do now. Back then they used ox drawn plows to make the soil fertile and they still do it today. I think that it shows how they kept their food in tact.


    Archeologists have found this stone seal saying that KING-UR-MANNU is appointing someone governor. I think that it shows how the people of Sumer had a complex importance of each person in the village.


    Archeologists have found a clay seal that is explaining how KING-UR-MANNU appointed someone as governor. I think it has a lot to with the governor role because he is making someone as governor right now.


    Archeologists have found a statue of a married couple. This statue was found in a religious shrine in the temple of Bau. I think that it relates to the religion section because these people were so concerned about their own religion that they had someone make statue of the together to be put into the temple of Bau on a shrine.


    Archeologists have found a cup made by a Sumerian artisan also which also means artist. This cup was made especially for a sole purpose. I thought this relates to the arts because it was made by an artist.


    Archeologists have found a clay model of a chariot with a soldier on it. I think that this means Sumerians could make structural things. Such like the chariot.

    WRITING. Archeologists have found a clay tablet having a couple scribes from a scroll in the temple of Bau. I think it relates because the whole thing behind writing is that these people wrote like us just in a different way.

  7.   Jenny Villalpando Says:

    Stable food supply,The sumerians built networks of canals, dams,and reservoirs to provide their crops with a regular supply of water .Social structure Archeologists have found evidence that several classes of people lived in sumer. Government,all civilizations have system of government to direct people’s behavior and make life orderly.Religion in sumer,religios beliefs influenced every part of daily life.The Arts,arts include creative forms of expression such as painting,architecture,and music.Technology,the sumerians’ most important invention wa s the wheel. Writing , haved used as many as 2,000 symbols to stand for ideas and sounds.

  8.   isaac m. Says:

    religion:their is a god in the picture and that is religious type of thing.

    the arts:a cup ,made by one of the sumer artist,and thier is a piece of art/instrument played for the queen.

    stable food supply:in the picture their is a man with a plow which means they had crops.

    technology:wheels,that wasone of the first kind of technology they had.

    social structure:the man with the plow mean they had crops and they had work on it.

    writing:in the pictures of the god, their is some writing behind him.

    goverment:the picture of the girl with a bowl of water on her head that show they had jobs and they used alot of water.

  9.   Jeremiah p.5 Says:

    There is technology,religion,writing,social strucure,art,stable food suppy,and government.Technology was one of things people used to help people in better ways.I chose this artifact because it is true and fact.Religeon was one of the things people lived by.I chose this artifact because they acually live by that rule.Writing was another thing people used to have better understanding of things they didn’t know. I chose this artifact because understanding new things for them was hard.Social struture was important because thats when people got better at things and worked together.I chose this artifact because it is very important how people accomplished things like that.Art wasn’t that important but used to entertain them in alot of ways.I chose this artifact because art can be music or painting or anything like exercise.Stable food supply was one of the important things that they needed.The food supply was important because if they didn’t have it they probaly would have died.I chose this artifact because if they would not have a stable food supply they could have died.The last thing there is is government.Government was also important because ther would be breaking rules.I chose this artifact because without the Government,there would probally be chaos.

  10.   Stephaniep#3 Says:

    Social structure, techology, religion, the arts, government, stable food supply,and writing.The archaeologists found arrowheads,swords,and hoes for social struture.For techology they found chariots and a arch.Religion the archaeologists found a ziggurat.They found a lyre that they found for art from the civilization sumer.The scribes was proof that they had a government the archaeologists found it.The plow also was proof that they had a stable food supply.And for writng they found the pictographs which dried up and became a record of the sumerians’.

  11.   marisella Says:

    writing:On page 50 it shows there writing. I chose this because it shows how they wrote and told stories.

    government:On page 45 it shows a king. I chose this because it shows that the king was in charge.

    stable food supply:on page 43 it shows a person farming. I chose this because it shows how they farmed.

    social structure:On page 44 it shows a ruins. I chose this because it shows what it looked like back then.

    religion:On page 46 it shows a ziggurat. I chose this picture because a ziggurat was an anciant temple tower tower and only the priests were aloud to go to the top.

    tecnology:On page 48 it shows a chariot. I chose this picture because it shows how they moved aroud in the army.

    the arts:On page 47 it shows and insrtument of some sort. I chose this picture because it shows what type of art they made during that time.

  12.   Guadalupe per#6 Says:

    stable food supply-they invent a tool named plow ot turn the soilto prepare it for planing.I chose these because they could plant fast and not use a animals horn.

    social structure-at the top was an upper class, which included priests,land owners and government official.I chose these becaus it show that if you where not in a high class you will not get a lot of freedom.

    government-the belive that kings were chose by god -I chose this because it show they belive in god a lot that is nice.

    religion-the ziggurats is a place there god could go and king could ask god blessing.I chose it because it is so cool it real gits god blessing .

    the arts-they belived that musica give joy to god.
    that is nice to do soming that god like.

    technology-one of the thing they made was a wheeled chariot used by the army.

  13.   Eric #3 Says:

    The characteristics are writing, technology, the arts, religion, government, social structure, and stable food supply. Sumerians called writing cuneiform. Technology, people made arches and they also made wheeled cart. The Arts, people made music with a lyre the lyre is some sort of box that made nosie. Religion, Sumerians expressed their beliefs by building temples and the religious towers where called ziggurat. Government, Sumerians city-states were ruled by kings and this belief made kings very powerful. Social structure includes different jobs and social levels and people at higher levels have greater status then others. Stable food supply, Sumerians needed stable food supply to live and a complex society can thrive only if members have the food they need to survive.

  14.   xiomara carranza Says:

    WRITTING – a tablet that they wrote on.
    TECHNOLOGY- a carrige relates to it because they made the wheels.
    RELIGION – to married people that are different because ti experrions there belifs
    THE ARTS – a string insturment that they used to liesen to because of the queen
    SOCIAL STRUCTURE – mountains that
    are houses for them because hey helped each other to built it
    GOVERMENT – king looking at his villages to see how they take care of what they built
    STABLE FOOD SUPPLY – they use plow to take care of the farm

  15.   Mariah Period # 6 Says:

    Writing- Cuniform (Wedge). I chose Cuniform because,they used a wedge-shaped stylus to etch their writing in clay tablets.

    Government- Temple Towers. I chose Temple towers because, the king can do whatever he wants to do,with his city.

    Stable Food Suply- Plow. I chose a Plow because,they used that to plant food,and to turn the soil to prepair for planting.

    Technology- Wheel. I chose the Wheel because,that was their most important ivention.

    Social Structure- Tower. I chose Tower because,that was were they lived.

    The Arts- Paintings. I chose Paintings because,it created forms of expressions.

    Religon- Ziggurats. I chose Ziggurats because,Sumarians belive in studing temple towers (Ziggurats).

  16.   Gregory period.#3 Says:

    5.3-Stable Food Suply:a plow,because they were able to use it to make plants grow faster.
    5.5-Government:chariots,because scientist knew there was a king because with out a king there will not be a war.
    5.6-Religion:ziggurats,because a ziggurat is an religous temple.
    5.7-The Arts:a lyre,because it plays music to entertain people.
    5.8-arches,because it helped farmers and men in the army to move bigger stuff.
    5.9-Writing:cuneiform,because they used it to etch their writing in clay tablets.

  17.   David h p5 Says:

    (Technology)because it had wheels to carry the king(Religion)because they worshipped one god(The arts)because they played songs(Government)because they directed people to make life orderly(Social Structure)because they made building two stories high(Stable Food Supply)because they built a plow to turn the dirt to plant seeds for food(Writing)because they created there own writing and something to write with.

  18.   Leslie Alvarado Says:

    The 1 one I will say is goverment the reason there was a goverment is becouse there had to be a gvernor to rule. The next 1 i will say is religion the reason they new there was religion was becouse there is still a temple that only priest and king can enter. My next 1 to say is the arts there art at first is weapons and cup. Next is stable food supplie they had to stay in 1 place. Next is social structure is it includes upper jobs and diffrent levels. my next 1 is technology were new tools and new inventions. The last 1 i am going to say is writing they in tablets and drew there to.

  19.   catherine per.2 Says:

    Technology:This was important because they would use a special invention called the wheel this was important because it would help the Sunmerians to carry things around.
    Relgion:This would be important because they would carve religous stones to represent there gods or govnors.
    The Arts:They would carve pictures of gods or govenors with snake hands or something.
    Stable Food Supply:This would be important so they would carve time for when they would be able to eat or work sothey had a stable food supply.
    Social Structure:People would carve gold cups for the upper class to drink out of.
    Goverment:This was important because they would use a Chariot to go into wars in which the govnors would leed.
    Writing: This was important because they would carve important dates or wars they have been in.

  20.   Regina p#3 Says:

    The seven characteristics are Writing, Stable food supply, Social structure, Government, Religion, The Arts, and technology. Writing proved Sumer a civilization because the artifact shows that the Sumerians used a symbol that stands for real objects. Stabled food supply proved Sumer a civilization because the artifact shows that the plow is for tilling the soil to prepare it for planting. Social structure proved Sumer a civilization because the artifact shows that luxury such as mirrors, jewelry, for the upper class. Government proved that Sumer is a civilization because the Sumerians king enforced the laws and collected taxes to built temples and made sure irrigation system were maintained. Religion proved Sumer a civilization because the Sumerians believed that the gods were pleased when people showed them devotion, or love and obedience. The Arts proved Sumer a civilization because the decorations show how much the Sumerians valued music. Technology proved that Sumer is a civilization because they invented the wheels which help them move.

  21.   Gumersindo Says:

    Stable food suppliy:the tablet shows how sumerians gave to there members enough food. I choose this one because it shows me that theydid care for there members.
    Social structure:these banquets generally is for the members of the upper classes of sumariens soceity. I chosed this one because itn shows were they drank from.
    Government:This frozen stone of king UR Nammu shows him carring a basket of breaks. I choose these picture because the king is giving an example to his members.
    I wasn’t able to finish these one.
    The Arts:the lyre teches them music. Ichoose this one because music is art.
    Technology:this small copper with four wheel sttue of a sumerian chariot being pull by four horses. I chose this one bacuse wheels is faster then walking so it bacame important.
    Writing:the inscription on the sal says, “Ur nammu, the mighty hero,king at ur, king of ur, hashhamer,the governor of ishkensi servant.”

  22.   Alvin Says:

    1 Stable Food Supply:clay tablet’s:I chose this artifact because it show what they ate.
    2 Social Structure:Jobs:I chose this artifact because it shows us what they did for food.
    3 Government:clay seal:I chose this artifact because it says all civilation have a system of government to direct people beavior and make life orderly.
    4 Religion:a piece of the ziggurat:I chose this artifact because it is a piece of a temple where people prayed at,so it would be considered holy.
    5 The Arts:tools:I chose this artifact because it shows us what they used to paint.
    6 Technology:chariot:I chose this artifact because it was used in the Sumerians army.
    7 Writing:pictograph:I chose this artifact because it shows a symbol that stands for an object

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